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served with a side of steamed or egg fried rice

D1. Xo Squid & Shrimp
$17Jumbo squid and/or shrimp with mixed veg and mildly spicy sauce

D2. House Stir Fry
$16Squid and jumbo shrimp stir fired with shredded celery, five spice tofu, shiitake

D3. House Cured Pork with Gai Lan
$15House-cured pork stir-fried with Chinese Broccoli

D4. Cured Pork & Chinese Sausage
$15House-cured pork stir-fried with celery, carrots, Chinese sausage

D5. Hot Horn Pepper Beef
$16Savory flank steak stir-fried with spicy peppers and white onions

D7. Chuanjiao Chicken/Pork/Beef/Shrimp

D11. Mapo Tofu with Pork
$14Silken tofu, pork, peppercorn oil

D15. Scallion Pork/Chicken/Beef/Shrimp

D14. Pork Belly with Preserved Turnip
$17Pork belly with preserved turnips

D16. Black Bean Chicken/Beef/Shrimp

D18. Sauteed Fish Fillet (Cod)
$16Choice of black bean or ginger scallion sauce

D19. Shredded Pork with Five Spice Tofu
$15Five spice tofu and celery

D21. Curry Chicken/Beef/Shrimp

D22. House Stir Fry w/ Cured Pork
$15House-cured pork stir-fried with mixed veggies

D23. Szechuan Hot Pot Fish Fillet (Cod)

D26. Spicy Diced Chicken
$16.50Chicken with peppers, dried red chili, Szechuan peppercorn

D24. Salt & Pepper Squid/Shrimp
$17Lightly fried with salt and pepper served with minced onions and bell peppers on a bed of nappa cabbage. Served with your choice of protein

D28. Cumin Lamb
$17Sliced lamb, onion, chili powder

D27. Scallion Lamb
$17Sliced lamb, onion, scallion, caramelized soy sauce

D30. Hunan Fish Fillet
$17Fish fillets showered with sweet & spicy Hunan sauce

D29. Hot Korean Pepper Squid
$17Stir-fried squid, bell peppers, sweet and spicy gochujang and sesame seeds

D31. Firecracker Fish
$17Crispy cod fillet, roasted red chili, peanuts, cilantro, lime

King Oyster Mushroom


Whole Flounder
$35Golden silver flounder

Braised Boneless Pork Hock
$19Over veggies

hot clay pot

served with side of steamed rice or egg fried rice | some seasonal ingredient may be substituted without notice

W1. Tofu, Mixed Vegetable, Chicken, Pork & Shrimp Claypot
$17Tofu, mixed veggies, chicken, pork, shrimp

W3. Fish and Tofu
$17Fish and fried tofu, spicy shacha sauce

W2. Beef Brisket, Tendon
$18Beef tendon and daikon radish

W4. Beef & Bean Noodle
$18Beef, bean noodles, mushrooms, squash, spicy shacha sauce